Permanent Art Engine

Simple engine to “normal” immutable art NFT functionality working

  • engine will handle standard functionality for token URI and royalties
  • standard minting interface means minting can happen directly in shell UI (use must provide pinata API creds locally for pinning)

Engine Data and Functionality

  • token mint data
    • ipfs hash (can use aave-style encoding to only sstore 1 word)
    • royalty percent (or empty if default)
  • token uri
    • based on mint data hash
  • royalties
    • based on mint data royalty percentage or collection default, goes to collection owner
  • collection data
    • ipfs prefix , defaults to ipfs://ipfs/
    • royalty default info


Engine interface, if an engine implements this then shell UI will support minting directly from it. Can have standard admin UI to manage this for any collection running an engine that supports this interface

  • mint (ipfs hash, royalty recipient, royalty bps, editions)