dumb idea but could hit lol: simple shell engine for a "MINT THREE WORDS" collection. standalone UI with 3 input boxes / vibe-y style and bit MINT button. it mints an SVG NFT with those words on it via shell, the words written as immutable mint data. other ppl could write their own engines to change the appearance . Maybe limit it by time (open mint for 2 weeks), not by mint count

Have contests for best engine mod of the NFT

Could have each NFT cost 0.01 ETH , funds go to a multisig controlled by NFT holders

could allow breaking down the 721 into ERC1155 words, then re-synthesizing them into an NFT for a cost

Could have people launch their own collections, all pointing to the same engine. Have a UI that displays all NFTs grouped by collection, letting people own and manage their own sub collection kinda