Daily 1155 Sales

(in prog, just thinking ab this for now)

  • Every day, shares for a new token are sold
    • the NFTs are 1155s
    • New shares are minted at a flat rate, eg 0.01 ETH. No cap on shares per NFT
  • The NFT starts with a basic, semi-interesting on-chain appearance (could even change over time for diff seasons)
    • Could do proc-gened names or other interesting content
  • After the 24hr window, the engine can be changed via on-chain governance
    • if you own a share, you can propose a new engine
    • token-weighted voting, quorum? optimistic gov?
  • Proceeds from all sales go into an on-chain treasury
    • On-chain gov for holders across all tokens can vote how to use treasury
  • Team retains a fee
    • Either a % of revenue from sales, or X% of total outstanding supplied issued every 10 tokens or something